Women's Economic Development Council 

About Us

Our Vision 

The WEDC is a powerful group of business women, who inspires it's members to reach their economic and professional goals, and is recognized by the community for it's leadership.

Our Mission

The WEDC is a group of women business professionals who provide opportunities to women for leadership and economic development through education, mentoring and networking. The WEDC exists to strengthen the position of women in business and the community.

Our Values

  • We value, support and encourage each other in professional, personal and community endeavors.
  • We value and respect honest communication, integrity, equality, diversity and openness in our members, our organization and our community.
  • We value and promote an environment that elevates personal and professional growth and development.
  • We value identifying, cultivating and supporting emerging women professionals.
  • We value our community where women have influence, genuine engagement and “seats at the table”.

WEDC History

The Women’s Economic Development Council (WEDC) was incorporated in February, 1994 for the purpose of providing women with opportunities to contribute substantially to the economic development of our community.

WEDC’s founders, Diane Weston, President of Uwohali, Inc., and Sheri Sensabaugh, President of ACT Personnel, were paired as mentor and protégé
respectively, through an SBA program called WNET in 1992. In addition to accomplishing the WNET goal, Diane and Sheri became very good friends and
together gave birth to the initial concept of the Women's Economic Development Council, or WEDC. WEDC has been granted a 501(c)(6) status by the
IRS as a non-profit business organization.

About Our Members

WEDC members are a diverse group of mid-to-senior level executives, business professionals and successful businesswomen working together, mentoring each other, and sharing resources to accelerate economic development.
WEDC Foundation

The WEDC Foundation was established in 1998 by the Women's Economic Development Council in Huntsville, Alabama as a separate 501 (c) (3) charitable organization The ongoing vision for the Foundation is to create a legacy of accomplished and independent women who will share their energy and success with others.

The WEDC is a vital supporter of the WEDC Foundation and its mission through mentoring WEDC Foundation scholars and through financial and volunteer support of WEDC Foundation programs.

  WEDC is a membership organization dedicated to education, mentoring, and networking opportunities. 

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