Membership is an 8 month process, by invitation only, which begins when two current members make a joint commitment to sponsor and co-sponsor one (1) woman they know to become a member for that calendar year.

The candidate must meet at least one of the following criteria for 2018:

- Business owner with a license who has worked full time in her business for at least one year and has a least one employee.

- Business executive or mid-level manager whose responsibilities include supervising other employees.

- Degreed or licensed professional (e.g. doctor, lawyer, CPA)

- A category for the board to consider or individual merit (e.g. serving in public office, technical career field, civic volunteer, etc.)

-(Milestone members have different criteria)

The candidate will need to attend three (3) monthly meetings in 2018 or five (5) monthly meetings for 2017/2018 combined. One (1) networking event with their sponsor can count towards the meeting requirement. The candidate will then need to be approved by the board and meet the obligation of membership dues, orientation, and committee placement.

These guidelines enable us to keep the professional integrity, membership value, and management of our members.  In 2018, we will only accept up to 20 new members.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of this great organization!  

Contact for more information.

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