2019 WEDC Milestones Service Project

Please bring any of the donation items listed below to our May 9th, June 13th and/or July 11th Leadership Training Luncheons! See below for more information about this project!

Join WEDC in collecting feminine care products to support Manna House. Each donation will provide dignity, comfort, and support to local women in need.

Women deserve to have access to essential care items - items that promote health, education, and employment. Menstruation hygiene should be a standard, and not a luxury – but for far too many women, it is out-of-reach, and women who face the burden of poverty find it nearly impossible to afford feminine hygiene items.

Up to two thirds of US women in poverty are unable to afford these basic health items, often choosing between food and menstrual hygiene needs. Imagine missing a week of school, or work every month because you don’t have access to, and are unable to afford feminine care products. Over 42 million US women live in, or close to poverty within the US, and government assistance programs do not cover feminine care items, as they are not deemed a necessity, but rather, a luxury. Due to feminine items being deemed a “luxury”, alongside alcohol, pet food, and cigarettes, these women will have a much higher likelihood of infections and other health conditions that will likely require medical intervention.

Until assistance programs begin to consider the needs of women, the health of women in poverty is shouldered by people like you – those who are willing to provide for those in need. 

Milestones Mission

The WEDC Milestones are a group of young women business professionals, who are mentored under WEDC as they provide opportunities to women for leadership and economic development through education, mentoring and networking. The WEDC Milestones group exists to create a developmental pipeline of women working towards strengthening the position of women in business and the community.

About Our Members

WEDC Milestone members are a diverse group of junior to mid-level executive professional women who aspire or desire to continue to progress in their career becoming successful business women who work together, mentor each other, and share resources to accelerate economic development.

  WEDC is a membership organization dedicated to education, mentoring, and networking opportunities. 

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