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2015 WEDC President's Blog - March

16 Mar 2015 1:38 PM | Leigh Christian

What an awesome WEDC Meeting we had on March 12, 2015.  Our focus book for this year is John C. Maxwell’s, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” Chapter 2 is “Connecting is all about others” and I found several points that made me stop and think.  One is:  “John Maxwell shared…When I counseled people who were experiencing difficulties, my attitude was, Hurry up and finish telling me your problem so I can give you my solution.”  That hit me hard because so often I just want to react and go with my first instinct and try to solve a problem.  Sometimes we just need to listen, or maybe guide the other person to act.  Maxwell quotes Zig Ziglar…”If you will first help people get what they want, they will help you get what you want.”  I find that to be so true also.  I volunteer to give my time, talent or treasures and when I do – I get twicefold back in blessings.  When you CONNECT to others, there are three questions those people are asking about you:  Do you care for me; Can you help me; Can I trust you?  The key concept in the chapter is – CONNECTING begins when the other person feels valued. 

Our Community Outreach committee had us discuss ways we volunteer and how we serve.  We shared great table discussions about volunteering and CONNECTING with others.  This discussion was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Karen Mockensturm and Claudia Bucher represented United Way and Allison Dillon-Jauken represented the Arts Council – both of these organizations serve as umbrella organizations for health and human services and Arts and entertainment, respectively.  They shared about the great impact that these organizations have in our community and how it is such an important part of our quality of life.  We were encouraged to participate and support these organizations through attendance, through financial support, volunteer support, helping with resources, publicity, etc.  If you were unable to attend – please contact our Community Outreach Committee to CONNECT with others in our community!  Cindi Branham did a great “MIND MAP” that showed all of the organizations just represented by the staff of the organizations that are involved in WEDC and it was unbelievable.  I am sure that if we included all the ones that we as WEDC members represent – it would show we have a touch on every aspect of our community.  I encourage you in this month of March – to reach out and CONNECT to others. 

 Our Community Outreach Committee was the Spotlight Committee and they shared how they encourage WEDC Members to be involved and supportive of our community.  They have really focused on planning the March meeting but they have been busy with the new Investment Club, the Women on Board Initiative, involvement in the community, support of political events, etc.  WOW!  I love that WEDC reaches out to our community!  We started the WEDC Foundation, support so many amazing groups and our members are a real part of the community. Introductions - THANK you to everyone who did a great job sharing only your name, company and committee!   Reflection - Our own Janice Migliore, CEO of Palco shared an inspirational video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EUEg7kd6Cg  This video shows a teacher that is able to CONNECT to his entire school through the upbeat song, “Uptown Funk”.  Janice shared that the teacher learned how to CONNECT with others through music.  We can always find something to help us to Connect with others – what is your best way to connect?

At “Lunch with Leigh” I am going to lunch with Paul and Julie Finley – the winners of the February meeting; however we have not been able to go yet!  Looking forward to having lunch with Katie Theuer – the winner of the March “Lunch with Leigh”.  She is one of my favorites and I have been friends with her since she moved to town.  I adore her and am so proud of her.  I even sponsored her in WEDC.  We never get to meet anymore so this is perfect. 

Our Member Spotlight member Rhonda Hunt Sells Homes– As a Real Estate Agent in Huntsville, AL, Rhonda Hunts works with both home buyers and home sellers to make the home buying experience as smooth as possible.  This gives her a chance to share some of the lessons she has learned over her 30+ years of experience in working with home buyers and home sellers. http://rhondahuntsellshomes.com/

 Don’t forget to CONNECT to each other on Linked In. 

Our next meeting will be April 9, 2015 where we learn about “Connecting goes beyond words”.  Our very own WEDC Member – Linda DeLuca, azione scopo LLC/presentationYOU http://www.presentationyou.com/     I think this meeting will be a perfect way for us to learn about all the other ways that we communicate – can’t wait!!!

Many blessings…lots of love.  Hope to CONNECT soon!

Leigh Christian

2015 WEDC President




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