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2015 WEDC President's Blog - April

14 Apr 2015 9:35 AM | Leigh Christian

What an amazing meeting we had on April 9, 2015.  Our focus book for the year is John C. Maxwell’s “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.”  In Chapter 3 we find “Connecting Goes beyond Words” and it was the theme for the April meeting. The key concept is “The more you do to go beyond words, the greater the chance you will connect with people.”   I thought I would share a few things from the book.  One of the headings is “Your actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear your words!”  That makes me reflect on how we show people we care; how we inspire people to dream and how we reach out to those we have a hard time communicating with… Sometimes a smile is the best way to communicate and connect – to me it is one of the most special ways to show interest and concern.  Our speaker and very own member, Linda DeLuca, Executive Coach and creator of presentationYou.com encouraged us to share our thoughts on how people connect with their actions such as leaning into conversation or nodding, or possibly crossing arms and leaning back – all of these nonverbal signs can communicate and even help determine whether you are CONNECTING with someone or not.  Through Linda’s skillful guidance we were made aware of connecting beyond words.   For our Reflection, Dawn Pumpelly share the most touching video of two softball players carrying their opponent around the field when she hurt her leg running during a winning homerun. This connected way more than words!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttkBP2XDZvE&feature=youtu.be

Our WEDC Foundation’s President – Beth Brooks reminded us to nominate for the WEDC Foundation Women Honoring Women and also shared about an exciting event on May 14, 2015. Woody Anderson Ford is hosting DRIVE 4 UR COMMUNITY!  For Every person (only one per household) who comes to the Space and Rocket Center and test drives a ford vehicle, the dealership will donate $20 to the WEDC Foundation!!  We need 300 people to raise our goal of $6000. We can do this.... but we need you.  At WEDC’s Leadership Training meeting Caroline Myers, Owner of Foreign Language Services, made the announcement at her table that she is going to have her entire office sign up to go.......so the challenge is made...what office/organization can bring the most! Are you ready for some competition? And for the office who sends the most people, we will bring Donuts to your office! Let's show this town what a group of women with passion can do!  To sign up, go to:  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F0B45A5AB28A4FA7-wedc/18642493  (in the comment section next to your name place please enter your place of business/organization you want to represent).  WEDC – this is your way to CONNECT and support our WEDC Foundation! 

 At “Lunch with Leigh” I am going to lunch with Ann Anderson with CASA!  I have known Ann for a very long time.  I served on my first board of directors for HELPline and Ann worked there.  So excited about catching up with her this month!  Next month our member spotlight is one of our Milestone members – Elizabeth Smith with Smith Infiniti of Huntsville.  (Hope she gives free samples...haha)   Can’t wait to hear about her! 

Our April Member Spotlight member Janice Sanders– as the Executive Director of the WEDC Foundation, she is the mother to all of our mentees.  She has such a passion for others and she is incredible at connecting our awesome scholars with mentors.  Janice’s guidance and motherly instincts have provided so many the love and connection that they have needed.  Our kindest regards to Janice and our own organization the WEDC Foundation.  Janice did share a great door prize – make your own spaghetti sauce garden – it included fresh herbs to plant such as basil, oregano, tomato plants, etc.  Yummy way to start our spring!  One of Melissa Musgrove’s guests won this awesome prize. 

 Don’t forget to CONNECT to each other on Linked In.   Find a member that you do not know very well and CONNECT this month!  Thanks!

So excited to be able to participate and CONNECT with those going on the Retreat!  I know this will be an amazing weekend with members! 

Our next meeting will be May 14, 2015 where we learn about “Connecting always requires energy”.  Ms. Michelle Belcher, Director of Communications and Marketing with Frew & Associates will be our guest speaker.  For more details on this meeting, http://www.wedc-online.net/event-1844324?CalendarViewType=1&SelectedDate=5/14/2015

CONNECT through our Newsflash sent monthly, our website, or our Facebook or Linked In pages.  Congratulations to all of our many members who have received promotions, opened new business or locations, been recognized, and participated in major events...  We encourage you to post your information on our FACEBOOK page so we can connect with you better! 

Many thanks to Lane Fabby, our WEDC Vice President for closing the meeting for me!  It is so great to have such an awesome Board and Committee Chairs and Program Coordinator that just handle everything – I owe you all a great debt of gratitude!  THANK YOU! 

Many blessings…lots of love.  Hope to CONNECT soon!

Leigh Christian

2015 WEDC President

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