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President's Blog for May 2015

29 May 2015 8:26 AM | Leigh Christian

I heard the May 14 WEDC Meeting was amazing and full of energy!  Thank you Lane Fabby for covering for me.  I missed you all so much!  I want to congratulate and share my appreciation to the Internal Networking Committee for planning a great retreat.  I had such a great time! Here are a few things that I will share that only those who attended will understand. (Crinoline, the Local Product, those tasty apples at Mrs. Mary Bobos, 5’11”, Surrounded by 8 police cars, Cooter Brown and his cousin Hooch, Mountain pose, chair people, pocket knife haircut, Norman, Huzzah, Bombula, Asserole…) I am telling you the experience is priceless!  You can’t connect any better than that event.  We have another fun event planned on June 12 at the Night at the Burritt on the Mountain.  On June 12th, members will get together at the Trillium room at 6:30 pm. Appetizers and wine will be served and you will have an opportunity to network with fellow members.  Register today! The actual concert is from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Burritt’s City Lights and Stars Concert Series will feature acclaimed jazz and swing group, Karen Johns and Company.  Karen Johns has been called a true “triple-threat” who is sure to captivate as she sings original swing-jazz and American standards.  If you love jazz, you’re sure to enjoy the evening.

Our focus book for this year is John C. Maxwell’s, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” Chapter 4 is “Connecting Always Requires Energy” and I talked to several about what they learned at the May meeting.  One commented that their biggest take away from the speaker is to stop and take a deep breath once and awhile. And we all process events different. Some things that energizes one person may drain another. We need to recognize that.  Another mentioned that every relationship requires energy – some bring out the best energy in you and others deflate your energy. For me – I get energized every time that I am around all of our WEDC Members.  Many thanks to the Marriott for accommodating us for this meeting and thank you to all the WEDC Members that supported the Foundation in the Drive4Community sponsored by Woody Anderson Ford.  They raised $6,000 for the WEDC Foundation! 

Our Membership Committee was the Spotlight Committee and they shared how membership sponsorship works and the timeline for sponsoring new members this year.  Reflection – Cindy Hill with Beason & Nalley, Inc. shared a wonderful reflection and I heard several people wanted a copy – I want one too!  Thank you for inspiring us!  At “Lunch with Leigh” I am excited to go with the May winner - Pat Smith with Aviation & Missile Solutions!

 The  Member Spotlight member was Elizabeth Smith with Smith Infiniti of Huntsville (I was hoping that an Infiniti could be a door prize…haha)  I am excited to see her career grow and am looking forward to getting to know her better as a WEDC Milestone Member.  I hope you will join me at Meet the Milestones on June 2nd  5:30 pm at The Lofts @ 110 Washington Street   Downtown Huntsville hosted by our Mentoring Committee!  Please join us as we network and welcome our Milestone members. 

 Our next WEDC meeting will be June 11, 2015 back at the Westin in the upstairs room,  where we learn about “Connecting is more skill than Natural Talent.”  I am looking forward to hearing Meaghan Chitwood, Mom, Wife, Engineer, Networking Expert, as she shares with us her insights on this topic.

Many blessings…lots of love.  Hope to CONNECT soon!

Leigh Christian

2015 WEDC President   256-509-1580       Leigh.christian@aetossystems.com

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