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WEDC President's Fall Blog 2015

30 Nov 2015 6:57 PM | Leigh Christian
So once again, I have not posted as often as I would have liked; but these last few months have been a blur.  Work, personal, health have all had great demands on me. I haven’t managed any of them very well!  I know you can relate and I have seen so many of you juggling all of these things lately too!   I admire you!

Our WEDC Theme this year is Connections and we are guided by the Book – “Everyone Communicates – Few Connect” by John Maxwell.  I want to recap a few of our last meetings.  Our September Meeting was sponsored by our WEDC Mentoring Committee.  Leigh Thigpen and Michelle McGough and their committee planned such a fun meeting. There is only so much I can say about our WEDC Members doing the “Whip and Nae Nae” dance - Keeps me smiling just thinking about it! Lee Marshall, Executive Director of Kids to Love, shared about her organization and called our BINGO game.   It was great to learn key phrases from our book by playing BINGO.  I really enjoyed the conversations and the time to network and share with each other.  I don’t think there is any better way to CONNECT.  The meeting was closed with our own WEDC Member Janice Sanders to wrap up the main points of Chapter 8 “Connectors Create an Experience Everyone Enjoys.”  We learned to take responsibility for our listeners; Communicate in their world; Capture People’s Attention from the Start; Activate your Audience; Say it so it Sticks; Be Visual; Tell Stories; Be the Communicator you want to hear; and Be the person with whom you want to connect.

Our October Meeting took us back to our roots to help us CONNECT to our organization and really learn why we started and a little about our Founders.  Our WEDC Past President’s led this effort and planned a great event for us.  Gail Wall provided us with such an inspiring Reflection to start the meeting.  Leigh recognized all past presidents with a WEDC Coin and then the President’s thanked all the members for all of the support.  Our membership committee led by Elizabeth Houssain and Beverly Boylan recognized our new WEDC Members.  It was really nice to see our new members and how fantastic our organization is growing.  I want to thank Elizabeth Morard for her contributions of flowers and certificates for our new members.  We watched our WEDC video featuring past members, events and our history.  Melissa Musgrove introduced a video – a TED Talk from Sheryl Sandburg of Facebook.  https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=sheryl+sandberg+ted+video&ei=UTF-8&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001

Our WEDC Milestones sold sponsorships for the Semicolon Project - Suicide Awareness.  They raise over $2,500 just at our meeting.  Thank you to our members for reaching out and supporting this effort.  I am amazed at our new and younger Milestone Leaders.  They are going to keep WEDC strong through the years and even better than ever!  I am so excited.  This meeting featured our Past, our Present and our Future.  It was great seeing it all CONNECTED together!  Thank you for such a great meeting!

Our November meeting covered the last chapter – Chapter 10, “Connectors Live what they Communicate”.  Jim Owens, President of First Bank shared that you have to live what you are saying.  He was funny, warm and just made us stop and think.  He reminded us to focus on trust; look in the mirror; relationships are an investment; and trust is the foundation for everything.  Patty Popour shared a heartfelt Reflection that made us think about our own integrity.  Sandy shared about the Communications committee and all the ways that we communicate! 

Our next WEDC meeting will be December 10, 2015 at the Westin, where we see "The Other Side of the Coin.”  It’s that time of year. Instead of sugar plums and puppy dog tails, our heads are full of giving…who is on my list? Who have I forgotten? What do they want? Almost every other piece of mail we open is a solicitation for support. Our attention and resources are pulled in many directions. This time of year can be exhausting. During this month, more than any other, we are focused on Giving with a capital G!! The good news is that human beings are hard-wired to give. When mammals first appeared on this planet, about 2 hundred million years ago, they had to develop their capacity for bonding, emotion, and generosity in order to survive. Our social abilities continued to evolve and now our brains have tripled in size to make room for necessary interpersonal skills: language, empathy, attachment, romance, cooperation, altruism. Giving comes naturally to us human beings. However, there is another side to giving that is often not discussed. We hope you will join us as we explore "The Other Side of the Coin.”

Also – please remember to renew your membership, sign up and get involved in a committee, complete your WEDC Profile so we can get connected to you better – these are all ways that you can become CONNECTED to WEDC and our members! 

I can’t believe this year is slowly coming to an end and I am so proud of the CONNECTIONS we have made – both personally and professionally.  We have CONNECTED to Ourselves, Our Organization and to Others.  I am so very thankful for you all and am beyond proud to serve as your President this year!

Leigh Christian          2015 WEDC President   256-509-1580       Leigh.christian@aetossystems.com

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